Please take off your shoes. Thanks!

At approximately 2pm today 6/14/2014, I’ll be taking Alice in through the front door of 12 Cramsey Place, Denville NJ.  Please position yourselves wherever you want to execute the surprise.

I’ll be sending a text when we are about 10 minutes away to warn you.   The code phrase will be “Beware the Jabberwocky” or maybe… “We’ll be there in 10 minutes”… Either or.  After one or many of you receive the code phrase please get into position to surprise.

This is it! Today’s the day! Don’t forget to take off your shoes please! and Good Luck…


Please remember to park away from the house so as not to seem that a party is happening there.  Feel free to make it look like there’s a party at another house.  If you feel your car would be familiar to the “target” aka Alice, please park even farther away or maybe just paint it another color.  Thanks!



Don’t park in the red!!  Also the house next to us has this big dog that barks at everyone… It says there’s an invisible fence but you can never be sure… Good luck!


TARGET:  Alice Pinto (aka Alice Chin)

LOCATION:  12 Cramsey Place, Denville NJ 07834

DATE:  June 14, 2014.

TIME:  Arrive at location at 1:00PM

(abort after 1:50PM and await further text or phone call… or just call/text me)

CONTACT: 973-534-8667 or

PARTY THEME:  Alice in Wonderland SURPRISE Tea Party

Any questions please let me know.  I’ll post more details as they become available.

Thanks! and good luck…